Augmented Reality allows us to add layers of visual information on the real world around us by using devices such as our own mobile phones. This helps us generate experiences that provide relevant knowledge about our environment, and also receive this information in real time. Through AR, the virtual world intermingles with the real world, in a contextualized way, and always with the aim of better understanding everything that surrounds us. But how can this be applied into the Tourism industry? Let’s see in this article some ways to integrate Augmented Reality in tourism brands.

Augmented Reality and Tourism

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Travel & tourism companies are adopting AR for scaling their mobile apps to users in order to improve the experience of traveling better. Like many businesses, the travel industry are also seeing a huge increase of using Augmented Reality in tourism in order to impress and redefine customer experiences. The travel and tourism industry is about creating unique experiences, and AR has the potential to strengthen that industry in the economy. 

AR and VR are certainly well worth adopting in tourism, because they can do a lot to enhance a traveler’s experience. In a nutshell, AR in the tourism sector makes visiting any location possible, as well as gaining access to any type of information, providing a more comprehensive and satisfying experience to every traveler.

Ways to integrate Augmented Reality in Tourism Experiences

1) To date, the most common usage of augmented reality within the tourism industry has been introducing more interactive elements within hotels, improving the overall experience. Gaming apps using augmented reality have been used to bring treasure-hunt-style elements to hotel buildings, and Good Western used AR to let children see Disney characters in their facilities. A hotel or hospitality company can improve its customers experiences by including fun elements into its physical setting through use of augmented reality tourist apps.

2) Away from the environment of hotels, a few companies in the tourism industry are developing augmented reality apps that enable tourists to augment their physical locations and tourism attractions. Through augmented reality travel apps, one can improve surroundings, adding endless possibilities for audiovisual virtual effects, including videos, 3D models, animations, and customizable sound effects. With only the smartphone, and thanks to Web AR, travelers can visualize various virtual elements over real images, moving into a Mixed Reality. 

3) With the latest AR technologies and devices, AR in tourism and travel can prove to be immensely useful for booking hotels tours, providing information, with no limitations in terms of languages, as well as being an excellent way of navigation. Innovative uses for augmented reality travel and tourism are emerging from time to time, and below are some examples how Augmented Reality can be used in the design of tourism apps. In case, you are looking for a solution to develop travel software using AR and VR or want to integrate Augmented Reality in an existing solution, then you should check out our experts as they are creative as well as passionate about building innovative solutions for businesses.

We hope that this article has helped you to understand why Augmented Reality is the Future of Travel & Tourism Industry, and how Augmented Reality is being used in the tourism application development. Although, the travel and tourism sector has yet to fully embrace augmented reality, several innovative mobile apps are creating unforgettable experiences while traveling. Even, tourism experts estimate that adopting ARs capabilities could create diverse user experiences, which could prove a boon to travel and tourism and travel industries. 

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