We know too well how complicated and exhausting can be to look for the best company in town to meet all of your needs, be on board with your brands vision and provide new ideas to further develop and help you grow your company. To assist you in your quest for the perfect Virtual Reality company we have curated a list of the top agencies in NYC, we hope you find it useful.

Virtual Reality NYC: top companies

Looking for “virtual reality NYC” in Google. We can help you with this list. Keep reading, maybe here you can find what you need for your brand.

1) Saritasa

Is a full-source software development founded in 2005. They employ a team of about 90 who provide custom software, web, mobile, IoT, and AR/VR development for mostly mid-sized businesses.

This virtual reality company has a mission: apply its passion for technology to create successful products and solutions for its clients. Passion drives them to be innovative, creative, and experts. And the love of technology keeps us learning, motivated, and excited about what they do.

The company has a vision to become a respected technology solutions consulting company based on a strong team of passionate and expert technologists. Sarita envisions a company led by smart, self-motivated, multi-national people doing what they enjoy.

2) Fingent

Is a web and mobile development services provider. Their team of under 250 employees specializes in web development and custom software development for mid-market and enterprise firms. 

Fingent develops strategic software solutions for businesses across the globe. Its project management approach and deep bench of professionals equip the company to rapidly address its clients’ important and complex business challenges with high quality, cutting-edge, secure, and easy-to-use software. Their experience with hundreds of clients across 4 continents, knowledge across multiple industry domains, and expertise in the latest development frameworks and tools equip Fingent to bring sophistication and intelligence to every project they undertake.

3) Zco

Is an app development firm offering web, mobile, and animation services. With 200+ specialists that work together to accomplish diverse projects successfully.

One of the most important values embodied by Zco is the relationship with clients. Mobile app development is a collaborative and iterative process. It requires many different people from different disciplines to come together in order to solve complex problems.

Because of this, Zco works closely with its clients to realize their vision, integrate their feedback into their projects, and help them effectively bring their business software to market.

4) iTechArt

Is a custom software development company since 2002. iTechArt has helped a lot of startups and tech companies create outstanding web and mobile solutions. iTech counts as of today with about 3500+ engineers.

iTechArt assembles senior-level, dedicated teams of developers to help fast-growing startups and innovative enterprises drive impact and achieve their goals.

The company started more than 15 years ago and has since grown into a truly global operation. While its clients are busy with business as usual, the company is working across every corner of the map to nail its next project.

5) Gramercy Tech 

Founded in 2003, is a boutique technology company offering UX/UI design, custom software development, AR/VR development, and IT consulting services. Gramercy Tech works across industries – business services, consumer products, education, and more.

As a Digital Laboratory, Gramercy Tech specializes in everything from concept creation, design, and software development to interactive and immersive experiences.  The company has an active roster of 35 programmers, designers, and creators. 

Gramercy Tech also works in a variety of disciplines. The tech company was born out of the need to ​bring digital experiences to live events.​ A nimble​ kind of digital agency that delivers on time​.

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