Brand awareness is not enough, people receive thousands of messages between texts, images, and videos; so, working on a brand awareness strategy is important for customers to decide on their purchase. But, how can you capture yourself in the minds of your customers? It is a question that we will answer below.


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If we talk about soft drinks, what is the first brand that comes to mind? If they ask you about a car brand, what is the first one that you think of? Now think about your field and ask several people the same question.

The term Top of Mind can be interpreted as: “the first thing you think about”, so carrying out strategies that can generate recall and/or enter the consumer’s subconscious will be of great value to the company.

For this there are many techniques such as persuasive communication, whose objective is to influence people’s habits or behaviors. Experiential marketing that provides, as the name itself mentions, experience to potential customers, is also another very good option.

This last technique is proven, since we will arouse emotions in people, who will associate it with the brand.

For this reason, we will give you the necessary tips and a final solution so that you can be remembered by customers and become the long-awaited Top of Mind.


The first thing is to know our buyer person since it is essential to create content and/or experiences that can reach the feelings of potential customers.

A Coca Cola campaign managed to generate an experience to connect it to an emotion. What the beverage brand did was place a dispenser that contained different gifts.

While a hidden camera recorded everything, a student approached the dispenser in order to buy a Coca Cola and the latter gave him a gift in return.

Surprised, he called his friends, and they all began to get gifts, which generated satisfaction in their faces and an emotion together.

We call this experiential marketing, which we can also do from the virtual, without the need to make a spot or a super idea.


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Every time you stimulate any of the senses of potential customers, your brand will be remembered.

From virtual platforms we can even stimulate taste. What many restaurants do is present an image of a meal, accompanied by a text such as “You will miss the taste of this dessert.”

Only with a little imagination we can do it, this is vital in any brand awareness strategy.

Hotels also use the view a lot by presenting 360° images with a very good view of the rooms and their facilities.

As we see from virtual platforms we can stimulate the different senses and in Stringnet we know it very well.


As we mentioned in the first item, one of the best ways to reach the customer’s emotion is by providing them with experiences and in these times, technology helps us create them, from face-to-face and virtual.

Brand events can become a true experience if we include 3D or virtual reality images, this is beyond the ordinary and rest assured that it will remain in the retina of the clients.

From the virtual world, virtual stores can be created that resemble reality, where the user can go through it with an avatar and can even interact with sellers to make inquiries.

To give the brand presence, it is good to brand the entire virtual space, including the clothing of the vendors who will also be avatars.

With this, you escape from the classic e-commerce, and you offer the customer the same experience that they feel when buying in a store.

Many companies are using it for their virtual fairs, so don’t stay behind and start reaching the emotions of customers with unforgettable experiences.

Another way that you generate emotions in your customers is by using BTL activations. Brand activation is an act of driving customer action through a series of interactive activities, as it lays the foundation for the brand-consumer relationship. Brand activation relies on user engagement activities to build brand recognition and credibility and help form a long-term relationship with consumers. Using video mapping, interactive games, virtual reality, augmented reality, or just having professional lighting equipment can get you very far.

A fun, dynamic, and easy way to exploit the emotions of your customers is undoubtedly the use of advergames. Advertising games will help you promote your product or brand, company, or idea. The game can be adapted to your business with the logo and will allow you to expose yourself to your customers through advertising channels transmitting. Additionally, advergames can reinforce your brand image, create databases with information about users, and build a dialogue with your customers. It is also a great way to advertise your products or brands and generate loyalty towards it, thus creating a bond with the consumer.

Finally, we have the interactive content. Interactive content invites the user to perform a specific action with a clear purpose of generating greater engagement, that is, encouraging interaction by the user and producing relevant data for sales and marketing. This means that it allows the user to perform an action on it, where the user then explores the information presented and interacts with it, giving rise to different ways of going through it. For example, you could use techniques such as interactive infographics, interactive videos, augmented reality, interactive maps, resource library, and eBooks, among many other resources that guarantee brand awareness of your company.


At Stringnet we create brand experiences with interactive technology to increase your brand awareness. We can help you with brand awareness strategy, and how to measure brand awareness.

We did so for the well-known telephone brand Entel, where attendees, with headsets, could experience high-speed situations like being on a roller coaster.

With this, the brand made an analogy with the speed of its network. Attendees will undoubtedly remember this moment for a long time.

In addition, from the virtual we create interactive stands with avatars, where attendees can communicate with the store staff and also with anyone, creating an environment very similar to a face-to-face purchase.

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