How much does it cost to create a VR experience? With the use of a headset and immersive technology like virtual reality, your business may forge strong ties with its customers and transport them to fantastical new realms. You should consider this kind of technology. 

The technology of virtual reality is incredibly sophisticated and immersive. It enables us to design entirely unique experiences by simply donning a headset, we can instantly go to any location or circumstance. But none of this technology evolves on its own. To produce applications that truly touch our clients, careful planning, research, and development are required. The process of creating a VR application involves many different steps and factors, and the cost of developing it can vary according to your goal and budget. Let’s see.

How much does it cost to create a VR experience? Full VR Price, Factors and Benefits

How much does it cost to create a VR experience? While some businesses choose for off-the-shelf VR training options, full custom VR training offers the following benefits:

  • Ideal for technical skill training that necessitates handling complex objects with your hands
  • Gives students a secure setting in which they can move about and engage in intricate interactions with things and people
  • Doesn’t impact actual machinery, personnel, or clients
  • Scalable training with an extended reality system that is simple to administer, track, and assign (XRS)
  • Gives students a more realistic, immersive training experience that is easily transferable to real life

How Much Does Virtual Reality Cost?

It will be challenging to provide a fixed cost for a customized virtual reality (VR) training program, as with any custom learning and development project. A fully customized virtual reality training program can cost anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 or more.

Cost Factors Affecting the Price of Full Custom VR Training


Essentially, this is how your project was conceived. It is the first phase of any development and requires clarity regarding the concepts, goals, and methods of execution of the project. Even if you can’t prepare every last aspect, it’s crucial to have a clear idea, an objective, and a goal for how you want your VR experience to be more personalized for the user. At the beginning of the project, care must be made to avoid wasting too much time and money. Always keep your eyes on a distinct goal in mind since the development of the details will take place in the following step.

Investigation and development

Once our goal has been established, it is time for the team to begin working technologically and to look for the most effective ways to carry out the strategy. Developers will use their expertise to either implement the idea or, if it’s something they haven’t already built, locate the appropriate tools to implement it. You may encounter some technological and procedural challenges at this level, and you should approach them with an open mind.

With at least both of these steps narrowed down you are now able to contact an agency that can help giving you a full cost on your VR project.

The cost of developing a virtual reality experience

Low spending: about $10,000

Even with a reduced budget, experiences will still feature the essential immersive interactions, branding, and audio options to connect, draw in, and engage customers, but experiences will be shorter in length.

Spending limit: about $20,000

The experience will be a little bit longer and contain more advanced music, interaction, and personalization choices for a mid-range budget.

High spending – around $50,000

Anything is feasible with a large budget. The VR experience will typically be lengthy and have a more intricate storyline. In terms of scripting, levels, character growth, and personalization, it will be dynamic.

It makes sense to think of VR as you would filmmaking. The price increases with the number of characters, the complexity of the plot, the duration, and the environmental factors. The cost decreases as there are fewer of these items.

How much does the complete training in virtual reality cost?

To construct and develop a VR pilot you should budget, on average, between $50,000 and $150,000 or more when you are ready to move past your pilot program or dive directly into your full virtual reality training program design.

What is the complete virtual reality training?

A pilot program serves when a company wishes to test out comprehensive virtual reality training for the first time. A pilot is a fantastic, very inexpensive method to start using VR for teaching. Costs for a complete virtual reality training program range from $40,000 to $60,000 or more.

This pilot program is a fantastic place to start since you can:

  • Discover how to create your own VR content.
  • Check to discover if your students are receptive to the technology.
  • Find out if using VR technology will help you achieve your learning goals. 
  • Check to see if the VR training can grow with your company’s needs.

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