In this post we want to share with you some highlights about AR marketing campaigns and how it can help your brand to improve the costumer experience. Let’s refresh some concepts and see what you can do.

AR marketing campaigns: What is Augmented Reality?

Before talk abour AR marketing campaigns, let’s go for a second to the point zero. What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality superimposes data or virtual components onto your perspective on the actual world. You can consider this data to be realistic substance (2D and 3D pictures, message, or recordings) continuously through the picture shown by the camera of your cell or tablet. For wearers of expanded reality glasses, computerized content is projected onto the focal point and saw like a multi-dimensional image. It is important that the gadget you use is associated with the web.

Moreover, AR is important for the innovations that drive the fourth modern transformation, since it adds to further developing creation strategies and works with support and cleaning errands and even addresses another preparation instrument.

Augmented Reality makes it conceivable to show extra data about the industrial facility and plant climate, like directions or alarms. This innovation is continually advancing with extraordinary potential to smooth out processes in different fields.

How To Craft a Successful AR Marketing Campaign

Augmented Reality has the potential to enhance your marketing campaigns, making the target audience more involved and emotionally attached to your brand.

When using Augmented Reality in your marketing activities, you are cultivating the wow factor, making both your target audience and media speak out about your marketing campaign, and thus, your brand. AR Marketing Campaign gives brands the opportunity to increase the power of their message, connecting with audiences at an emotional, interactive level.

AR is a rising trend in marketing and sales strategies, allowing brands to provide unique experiences for customers while keeping them accessible via mobile devices.

Tech-savvy brands who have invested in AR technology have given their customers the opportunity to try products virtually, enable makeup tests, and a host of other fun experiences even before they have actually purchased any products. Companies have caught onto the huge benefits of using augmented reality technologies, with nine in ten brands saying that they plan on including WebAR campaigns in their marketing mix.    

Thus, the trend in AR marketing allows brands to engage prospects in a variety of ways (see also How Companies Are Using AR), which we will explore next through some examples of AR marketing. In fact, as all inbound marketing is all about prospect education, this campaign is a single AR marketing idea that virtually any company could adopt, for virtually any purpose.

Finding ways to deliver an engaging, helpful, and memorable experience for customers will help both with your acquisitions and your retention, and an excellent AR marketing campaign will quickly become a top priority within your entire inbound marketing strategy.

The Wow Factor    

You can build incredible AR marketing campaigns that make your messages literally leap off the page. Augmented reality is the most useful when used in conjunction with print marketing because it is an awesome way to get consumers engaged with your brands materials.

In a competitive market, an AR marketing campaigns can be the difference-maker that allows the brand to stand out from the competition, creating lasting discussions and brand recognition. Augmented reality in advertising can enhance brand perceptions and deepen customer connections, as long as the content is a good implementation of the technology and a proper extension of the original materials.

Beyond using both VR and AR technologies to explore brands in new ways, it represents an enormous opportunity right now.

AR Shopping is the next move in Social Media Marketing, because innovations like these have the potential to enhance online shopping experiences and engage users. Web AR could help companies take advantage of the vast array of experiential marketing campaigns, ranging from embedded AR worlds and characters, to filters, and digital advertising.

By creating personal experiences using AR marketing, you help customers imagine their lives with your brand, strengthening the emotional connection and building brand loyalty. Using AR in marketing campaigns can reduce sales cycles and give your prospects more insight into a product without being intrusive. Making sure that your audience is aware of your AR ad campaigns is as important as planning and designing your AR features in the first place. When brands realize why AR is supposed to be so much more than a marketing stunt, we have seen some powerful uses for AR.

If you can design your marketing to work around what the majority of users carry around for most of the day, your audience is far more likely to take up and engage with your AR marketing campaigns. As the next-generation of augmented reality glasses come on to the market and bring greater widespread adoption, we are going to see more complex augmented reality marketing campaigns that can deliver instantaneously to users eyes while they are shopping and engaging with the world around them. Marketers should think big about changing this up as they plan the next brand campaign, because including augmented reality into the mix is guaranteed to have people talking about your brand.

Your brand can connect with consumers like never before

Using AR and VR to demonstrate value propositions is the application of choice for most marketers. Augmented and virtual reality enable brands to create experiences and connect with consumers like never before. These continued embraces of VR experiences enable brands and advertisers to integrate VR and AR experiences in order to provide their consumers with something new and exciting.

Just as social media has changed how brands market to consumers and interact with consumers, AR will transform how consumers interact with products and services, both online and in stores. Like most technologies, companies will use AR and virtual reality well before consumers own a wearable device or a personal AR/VR device.

Augmented reality not only has the potential to enhance our senses, which, in turn, enhances our DOOH experiences, it also has the potential to build a seamless marketing campaign across multiple channels.

Dou you want to enter in the AR marketing universe? We can help you

Augmented reality is undeniably the future of advertising, as it can seamlessly take the traditional methods of advertising businesses and convert them into completely immersive experiences that can deliver higher levels of engagement, regardless if a user is browsing online or physically in-place.

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