Having to choose the best virtual event platform for your business can be really confusing, and gathering the information to understand it all can be time consuming too. We are aware of this, so if you’re not sure where to start, we present to you the 10 best tips to get you started in this new journey.

¿Looking for the top virtual event platform? This is what you have to know

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1) Prepare your investment for the future

When considering investing in a virtual event platform is very important for you to know that hybrid events are on the growth, these types of events combine in-person and virtual experiences. Which means that it is actually logical to use a virtual platform that has a management system that supports each of your events in a single centralized platform, virtual, in-person and hybrid. This move will definitely ensure you investment in the near future.

2) Event management 

Whether your event is virtual or traditional, you’ll still need management tools that allow you to organize and manage things like invitations, registrations, payments and more. Given that you will still need a system that collects all the data in one place, it makes sense to invest in a platform that offers all of these possibilities, and of course to provide the virtual platform as such. This can help you save time and money. In case you are using two different systems, it is important that at least the virtual platform can be integrated with all the other tools you are using so that data can be easily transferred between each other.

3) Usability

We believe a simple system to use and an easy one to set up ends up being quite important in the long run. Also, it should have a friendly interface to make it a pleasant experience for your guests too, since the event will be in the platform itself is not such a good idea for them to be wasting time trying to figure out how the virtual platform works, considering it is already harder to keep people engaged in a virtual set up. At the same time, you must consider that different people will be logging into your event from different devices, so making sure the platform you have chosen works out with the variety of screes is key.

4) Customization

We believe that one of the most important elements of customization is branding. What we mean by this is finding a virtual platform that helps you to integrate your branding throughout the whole event, it will create consistency for your users. Be in the look for that platform that offers you options so that for example, your website, registration forms, emails and virtual scenery have all the same layout. Also, take into notice if the platform helps users customize their own experience, but above all decide on what makes sense based on what you want, your branding and the events.

5) Content recording

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One other important aspect when choosing the right virtual platform is if it allows you to stream pre-recorded and live content. Both of these modalities help track and engagement of users and have different advantages, for example, pre-recorded content allows you to work on it before hand to ensure it is the way you want it to be and doesn’t have any imperfections and glitches. On the other hand, live content allows you the possibility to further engage with the audience like for example, live Q&As, polls and have multiple speakers at the same time. It is key that the platform allows you to playback all of your live and pre-recorded videos in order to make them available once the event is over for those users unable to attend to your event.

6) Engagement tools

When hosting online events, you must keep in mind the difficulty to stay focused for the users, there are so many screen distractions, it can be hard to keep up sometimes. You will have to look for a virtual platform that offers you tools to facilitate engagement with your attendees. For example, activities such as chat rooms, forums, polling, etc, can increase the audience engagement, just keep in mind that too many might divert the attention from the main event.

7) Networking

We humans are social creatures, and as such we tend to seek connection whenever is possible. This is no different in the work environment, and a virtual event shouldn’t be a barrier for people to be able to connect and network. So, to try to mimic as much as possible the interactions your attendees would have in a real life event, live video calls, one-on-one or in a group is a great idea.

8) Sponsors

The process of sponsorship, monetization and exhibitors is not so different from a real live event. For example, the use of a banned ad campaign, exclusive content or virtual trade shows can be sponsored to target a certain demographic. In the virtual events platforms there can be many creative ways to go about it as long as it has the right tools to achieve them, and you know what your goals for the event are.

9) Integration

You will then find yourself with a set of tools and systems after you figure out what is it that you are seeking to gain from your ideals virtual top event platforms. In order to save time and bad moments you will have to choose a platform that minimizes integration issues. 

10) Analytics

In order to determine if your event was a success and figure out what improvements you have to make in future events, so its vital that you figure out what type of data the platforms collect and what reports it can help generate before choosing one. You will have to also take into account if the data is held in a secure environment.

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