Trends that will revolutionize online events in 2021

The virtual world is the present, now the look is the future in the search for new tools that facilitate the use of digital platforms, that is why here we will show you the trends that will revolutionize online events in 2021, do not take off and join us.

We have seen graduations, congresses, conferences, among other events take place virtually, in a simple way by platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, among others, but now there are ways that bring people closer using tools that you will be impressed with.

Let's quickly find out the trends that 2021 will bring us for online events.


For users to begin to feel close to the brand, we have to reach them with experiences that reach their minds and hearts, for this in 2020, different tools have begun to be implemented.

In face-to-face events, virtual reality is a trend that is coming with force for 2021, in online events, bringing the user closer to a platform that can find or live it as if it were on-site, we have done it in 2020, with several brands and many more are joining.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not stay behind and start creating experiences so that users or potential clients begin to live experiences with a high level of remembrance and loyalty.

Remember that the advantage of reaching customers is entering their minds and hearts, for this, offering them experience is the best thing you can implement in your online events


Imagine being in a virtual event as if it were a real one, this is possible by creating avatars which is a virtual drawing that will represent you at the event.

The user can customize it to the characteristics of his person, in order to interact in virtual reality, as if he were in a physical space.

The best thing is that you can interact with other people, meet them, and start conversations, an experience that will undoubtedly revolutionize 2021.

So far this year many companies have used it for virtual fairs and congresses, such as the Tay Loy school supplies company, which we help to implement their expo fair with 3D reality.

Users can also participate with their own voice to make the interaction feel more real, this works very well and we ensure it thanks to the experience we have with many brands.


Creating an online event so that they see your products as if they were in the store is a reality, and it has been implemented in 2020, so it promises to be a trend for 2021.

With or without an avatar, the user can walk around the store to start reviewing the different items or products on offer.

Without a doubt a virtual experience, but with the advantage of an everyday environment during a shopping day. In addition, you can add buttons so that the user can download brochures, go to see the product in more detail and more.

It is very important that the stand is branded and easy to identify, this in order for the user to live a unique experience.

360° TOURS

If you want to show the beauty of your store or your hotel, there is no better way to show it in 360 ° so the experience will be 100%, so that the user does not miss any detail. We have been implementing this technology on the platforms of many companies that look to the future.

At the moment, the ones that most require this service are the hotels, since they need to show their facilities, so we create interactive platforms that can help the user make a decision to purchase the service.

It has also been implemented in the real estate sector, but it is not only in these areas, with a little imagination we can use them for restaurants or any type of business that provides a customer experience.


Before choosing the tool, evaluate your service and your audience, but if you do not know how we can help you with ideas that can provide an experience to users.

Another recommendation is that you keep in mind that with these platforms or tools what you are looking for is a better level of remembrance in customers, so it is an effective way to approach and retain them.

In addition, you must bear in mind that the trend is that more companies start using the mentioned tools, so their use is important for this 2021, because they are a trend for online events.

To create an innovative and memorable virtual event, contact us here.