Are you looking for a platform to create virtual concerts that allows you to feel the energy of your fans, monetize your shows and have a global reach? With Virtual Concert, a 3D platform with avatars for online concerts, it is possible to offer an experience that resembles a live show, recovering the magic of playing in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Euphoric fans singing in unison. Interaction between artists and audience. That unique atmosphere that can only be felt in a physical stadium is now lived in an immersive three-dimensional world that brings people together again through the power of music.

What is a Virtual Concert?

It is the 3D digital stadium that will help you innovate in your next virtual concerts, reconnect with your fans and live an online experience as close as possible to a live show. All through a platform with interactive avatars in hyper-realistic environments.

With Virtual Concert, online shows that until now are mostly developed through live broadcasts are revolutionized 100%.

It does this by re-immersing audiences in a social setting, giving fans their voices back to sing at the top of their lungs, and delivering an unforgettable experience they’ll want to relive at your next date.

Who can use Virtual Concert to hold concerts online?

  • Festival organizers
  • Independent artists
  • Orchestras and groups
  • Soloists
  • Bands
  • Municipalities looking to offer live shows

Benefits of creating online concerts with Virtual Concert

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Avatars that return the wants to sing to your public

You will hear your fans sing again! They will enter the concert represented by an interactive avatar with voice function in real time. In this way, your audience will be able to sing their favorite songs while you develop the show just like in a real stadium.

With the voice function of our fan avatars you can:

  • Chat with your friends who have attended your concert online.
  • Get together with other fans united by your music.
  • Sing at the top of your lungs the best songs from your repertoire.
  • Have a 1-1 communication in real time as it happens in a face-to-face conversation.

And you as an artist, with our star avatar of the show you will be able to:

  • Talk between breaks in your concert to interact with your fans.
  • Say a line from a song for the audience to respond with the next.

Interactive stands for sale of merchandise

Do you want to boost the sales of your merchandise such as official shirts or discs? Do it within your own online concert with our interactive stands and let your audience choose what they like best before and after the show.

Outdoor areas for post-concert gatherings

We know that fans don’t go straight home after a concert. They walk with their friends still euphoric inside, singing or joining another group of fans to foster friendship.

The concerts are responsible for the birth of hundreds of friendships. Your guests will have free areas to chat, talk about the experience with their other friends and meet other people.

Stage with huge screen for a front row show

Our 3D platform for virtual concerts in Peru creates a front-row show for all your attendees through a giant screen on stage.

There you can live broadcast your concert online in high definition in front of a crowd eager to see you up close.

Monetize your online concerts and live from your art

A live broadcast on social networks is not profitable if there are no sponsors. All you get are superficial metrics like shares and comments. Also, there are no registrations. Is it really being profitable?

We know that music is your passion but you also have to live from it.

That is why our platform for online concerts Virtual Concert makes it possible for you to monetize your virtual shows.

You will obtain statistics that will help you measure the impact of your concert and polish marketing strategies to improve on your next dates.

Built-in live streaming for free shows

We won’t make you choose!

We understand that there are times when you’ll want to give a free online concert to show love to your audience (or you found generous sponsors).

For that reason, you will be able to have the concert online at Virtual Concert while simultaneously broadcasting the show on your favorite social networks.

You’ll have a 3D audience cheering you on and loyal fans showing their love in comments on your live stream.

Online stadium 100% branded to communicate your unique impression of artist

Live streaming concert on a laptop in the new normal

A great artist like you deserves a stadium made to measure! And we make that possible by branding Virtual Concert from head to toe before your fans arrive.

We reinforce your branding as a musician or align the concept of your show on the front of the 3D stadium as well as the interior.

For example, we will place posters that cover the entire exterior with the name and logo of your large group.

Color plays a key role in the psychology of your audience so that they remember you.

For this reason, we also “paint” the exterior with the representative tone of your group so that the experience feels complete and easy to remember.

In the interior rooms of the digital stadium, we will also decorate it with posters of your artist or group brand. As well as the banners of your sponsors so that they are also happy.

With a good branding job being noticed from the entrance to the Virtual Concert 3D digital stadium, until you reach the stage, you will be able to transmit professionalism, trajectory and originality.

Capacity of 10,000 fans for a massive international show

A full house show on a global scale!

Our platform for virtual concerts not only allows you to connect with your local fans.

It also helps you finally get to present yourself to an international audience without having to invest large amounts of money or travel.

Virtual Concert supports the simultaneous connection of 10,000 users from different parts of the world in a stable and solid way.

In this way, your online concert becomes an intercultural experience where everyone speaks the same language: music.

Create interactive online concerts in 3d with virtual concert your own online stadium

Start creating true music experiences with Virtual Concert.

  • Get closer to your fans in an innovative way with a three-dimensional concert with interactive avatars that allow you to sing.
  • Monetize your concerts and offer experiences beyond a simple broadcast on Facebook.
  • Grow as an artist by doing shows for a global audience or a massive show for your local fans.

Contact us here to create your first interactive virtual concert.