A metaverse is a 3D virtual world connected to the Internet, where users enter through their digital avatars in real-time to work, shop, socialize, learn, and be entertained. This immersive digital space tends to resemble the physical world in which we live. In it, we can meet friends in cafes, share opinions, exchange digital goods, close deals, and create content. There are metaverses that you can enter to study in a group, without having to leave home; in others, you can play and win cryptocurrencies. There are also digital worlds that add layers of visual information on top of the real world around us, using Augmented Reality or other technologies.

Although the metaverses are innovative platforms that have a high immersive level that allows a powerful message to be transmitted with a lot of user interaction, it is also true that it is a technology that is in an early adoption stage and that requires a user trained in the use of these environments, capable of cater to themselves in these environments with constant changes.
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Mistakes to avoid when hosting a metaverse event

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If you are interested in hosting an event in the metaverse, here are some tips to avoid making mistakes and host the best metaverse virtual event:

1. Prioritize the platform before the design of the experience and the value generated for the attendees. Innovation and technology are the means, not the end. A difficult-to-navigate platform can bore attendees and discourage them from staying at your event.

2. Having attendees without any metaverse experience know what an avatar is and how to navigate a metaverse. Or that the attendees turn out not to be the target audience for the experience and value offered by the event.

3. Deploying content and an experience that does not take advantage of the Metaverses, such as giving control to the user so that they live the experience in their way, a very wide range of immersive content, having fun, and sharing the experience, among others.

4.- Use a metaverse tool that does not support the needs of the event. Some metaverses are more stable than others depending on the number of attendees and the complexity of the experience. On the other hand, some metaverses require a pc-gamer to have good performance or a version with a more limited experience for attendees with mobile devices.

5.- Not preparing the user in advance of the event to know how to get around and get to the event. Or how to maneuver your avatar to enjoy the experience. Along with your publication calendar, you must give clues about what your event covers, you cannot assume that the attendees will know the entire process without any prior explanation. You can include it in your communication plan and management of advertising campaigns where the graphic pieces that impact and maintain the same graphic line of the virtual event will be.

6.- Not having a proactive host to guide and help attendees.

7. Not measuring necessary indicators to measure success before, during, and after the event. If you think that the virtual event ends when the last attendee disconnects. You are very wrong, you can take advantage even more with a correct post-event analysis that will make you notice your strengths and weaknesses. The post-event evaluations give you numbers and percentages that will help you to evaluate an upcoming execution with greater assertiveness to the preferences of your participants.

8. Not exploring opportunities to monetize the event experience.

9. Not building a business model that shares the income and expenses of the event in exchange for an experience.

10. Not learning. You must have an organized execution strategy. It is good that you have a designed platform that can capture the attention of the public, but only a good schedule of activities can keep them in your virtual event. A good strategy to maintain this is to give hints about what your event will have and which characters will be present.

11. Little customization. You must study very well the type of participant who will attend your virtual event and apply techniques such as neuromarketing to launch during the event, images, videos, messages… interactive elements that directly impact the minds of the attendees to build a stronger connection to the event and the brand.

12. Long duration of the sessions. In a virtual event, it is more complicated to maintain the attention of the participants and keep them connected. That is why the agenda must also be adapted to this new digital reality, with much more specific content and shorter sessions.

13. Do not offer one-to-one networking or interaction. Technology exists and networking and interaction are something much more important. That is why not offering private online rooms for networking or that the virtual participants themselves cannot participate in live surveys, interact or ask questions to speakers, is a clear mistake.

14. Confusing software for virtual events with a webinar tool. Before, your face-to-face event, you probably used professional event software that helped you in the organization and comprehensive management of it. When moving to the online world, you could also make the mistake of confusing software for virtual events with a webinar tool, which normally will not offer the same audiovisual quality and will have a series of limitations such as the points mentioned above.

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The metaverse promises to change the way we see the world by offering the possibility of providing a fully immersive social experience and showing infinite possibilities of accessing virtual universes that exist between the real and the virtual, and each of them allows us to live a different adventure.

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