The pandemic was a catalyst that forced the massive use of digital media to replace face-to-face international business meetings with virtual international business meetings. There were many successful and unsuccessful experiences of large virtual business conventions, virtual visits to museums and tourist sites, virtual concerts, virtual sports and art classes, virtual exhibitions, and fairs. All of them are unimaginable in the pre-pandemic where it was even ridiculous to think that children and adolescents take remote classes and stop socializing with their friends. Where the very idea of ​​a paid virtual music concert would be doomed to total failure just by mentioning it. Where learning music and playing music via video conference would be very frustrating. Well, all that and much more was done and learned during the pandemic. Today the practice of doing business remotely is here to stay. And in that context, virtual events in the metaverse are a reality.

Virtual events have been taking place in various ways from a simple video call with presenters and speakers that are supported by content that is shown in screen sharing options. In other cases, it makes use of social media streaming tools. Others develop their events on web platforms like 2D, 3D, or metaverse video games where they freely customize the experience, its content, and branding management. In all these cases, attendees can attend the event through their desktops or mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, with the advantages and disadvantages of such equipment. So, let’s see some metavrese tips to host an event for you brand.

Metaverse for yor brand: Virtual event ideas

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We can give general recommendations on how to choose the metaverse platform that best supports our remote event. The main recommendation is that the platform is the medium where the content will live that will make the cognitive and sensory experience of the attendees a reality. In other words, the platform itself is not the only important thing for the event to be successful or not. 

A successful event requires the design of a valuable experience, getting the people for whom the experience will be valuable to attend and not others, developing content that ensures that attendees have the valuable experience that was designed, to get attendees to react positively to the content such as feedback that they lived the experience in their way and it generated value, capturing a metric that allows the event organizer to take action to achieve the expected result of the event.

That said, each tool offers advantages and disadvantages. And instead of thinking first about the tool to later adapt the experience, audience, content, and feedback capture, the event must be designed first, and then the tool that best adapts to said design must be defined. 

If it is a simple, short, and direct message that does not require further audiovisual support, it does not require personalized branding either and, due to the profile and number of attendees, it is enough to fill out a very limited survey. In that case, perhaps the video call tools are the most recommended, in addition to having a speaker with experience in keeping the audience interested, who may have many distractions appearing on their device.

Metaverse tips to host an event

Next, we will give you a small guide of virtual event ideas to get you started!

  • Set a goal

Usually, there is a set of basic steps for planning an event, and a virtual one is no different, which means that before establishing a budget, selecting a venue, organizing content, and marketing, you must set a goal for your event in order to remain focused.

So, the key to success here is understanding the purpose of the event and how your attendees will value it.

  • Select the best venue for your goal

You will have to ponder on what is the best fit for your event. There are so many spaces that can be customized to tailor your needs. Research and inform yourself about the metaverse, and make a pros and cons list to pick the right one for you

  • Help your attendees

Most of the time the metaverse will require attendees to use some type of new software that they probably most won’t be familiar with. So, before the event to ensure that it runs smoothly, create for them a guide on how to manage the software in your metaverse platform.

  • Maintain your guest’s connected

Keeping your guests engaged will be the biggest challenge you will have, so you will have to think about ways of making the event more collaborative and replicate the social interactions that happen in real-life social events. You can make activities such as hosting interactive polls or live Q&A sessions for example. Get creative!

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