Trying to make a virtual event planning? Discover 6 tips you should keep in mind to make an impact with your next digital event.

Some time ago, making a virtual event production online was new in itself. People were impressed that a meeting could be recreated online. Now, due to the situation, digital events have become a standard. More and more brands, companies and professionals are using online channels to give presentations. Which, little by little, has been taking away the novelty factor from said format. They all create events, congresses, conferences, anniversaries and even weddings through digital meetings.

6 tips about virtual event planning ¡Make your virtual event stand out from the rest!

So if you want to be a virtual event host and create a memorable virtual event that conveys a powerful message and grabs the attention of your attendees, you need to make it as engaging as possible. And for that, here are some key recommendations on how to organize an innovative virtual event.

Use a good software or platform to hold events

The success of your virtual event will depend a lot on the platform or software you choose. It is the equivalent of choosing the venue to organize a physical event. It must provide a good experience from start to finish.

Sometimes by skimping on prices we get carried away by the simplest and easiest options such as using Facebook Live.

But the worst comes later.

Although they are useful tools, being free they do not have many functions to boost your event and on many occasions, they become unstable, the connection is lost or the audio is not well heard.

Therefore, choose to invest a little more and get a solid platform for paid events. Live streaming platforms have features and tools that will make your event more interactive and enjoyable.

With them you can place titles or texts on the screen, PowerPoint presentations, your logo, company colors and some even have avatars and virtual 3D environments.

Remember that first impressions are valuable and unrepeatable. If your virtual event does not give the user a good experience, they will never forgive the virtual event host. Because they have used their valuable time to register and attend your digital event.

Humanize your digital event

virtual event host with a group

Virtual events productions are usually cold. That is, a speaker or several speakers behind a camera talking for hours. While the attendees convert they stay in the background.

There is no interaction and the warmth of human contact is lost.

In face-to-face presentations, the attendee could establish eye contact with the speaker, or he could drop one or another joke to lighten the tension of the environment or answer a question live.

Therefore, to make a virtual event planning that feels natural, you need to have a platform or software that highly values ​​this aspect.

For example, at Stringnet we have developed VirtuaLand, the first immersive software with a human side.

We say a human side because it is not a simple platform that puts you behind a screen and reduces your attendees to virtual names and a few chat messages.

It is a virtual event platform that:

  • It has 3D avatars: Which imitate the movements, gestures of users and also allow you to have a conversation with a voice.
  • Immersive and social virtual environments: That satisfy people’s need to share in face-to-face interaction. Which is vital in these times of distancing and cancellation of physical meetings.
  • Immersive Audio: Simulates realistic sound and changes based on your movements in the 3D environment.
  • Live chat: To quickly interact with your audience
  • It is customizable: Well, it has tools to personalize the atmosphere of your event, congress, anniversary, etc.

With all these functions you can organize a warm, close virtual event that generates a pleasant moment for each of the attendees.

Promote your event using digital advertising

This does not directly affect your event being more innovative, but it is essential to reach more audiences and get more people to join it.

Use the different digital communication channels to publicize your event or conferences, you can do it organically through posts on social networks or pay for ads on them to segment and get people who are interested in the theme of your event to decide to participate.

Make a round of questions to interact with your attendees

End your virtual event planning by giving yourself some time to resolve the specific doubts of your clients, solving the doubts of your attendees at the end of your virtual event to settle one or another doubt of your attendees.

And it is probably that the round of questions is one of the most anticipated moments. Since when one learns something new, thousands of questions arise.

Making a round of questions or Q&A will allow you to specify some details of the topics that you have presented in your congress, conference, or masterclass.

In addition, doing a question-and-answer session gives you a space to show the attendees that you are an expert and knowledgeable on the subject. That you really know what you’re talking about. Which helps improve the reliability of your professional or business brand.

Likewise, giving time to answer questions helps to generate engagement with users, who will feel very grateful for your genuine concern to transmit your knowledge.

Promote a space for virtual networking

One of the main reasons why attendees sign up for a congress or conference is for networking. Either because they seek to expand their network of contacts or have a debate with different points of view.

If you want your virtual event production to transcend, creating a space dedicated to networking is ideal.

You can create a private Facebook group that only event attendees have access to. Or use a software that integrates networking function.

At VirtuaLand we have meeting rooms for networking. There, users can interact either by speaking or via chat. Imagine how great it would be to have your own space to foster professional relationships in the same style as a real event.

Stimulate the senses of your attendants for a realistic experience

If you want your digital event to be the closest thing to a face-to-face one, it is necessary to involve all your senses.

The more senses stimulated, the easier it will be to retain information, as well as remember your event and its brand.

How can you achieve this through a screen?

With our virtual software to organize an innovative virtual event, your attendees will have an immersive listening experience totally similar to that of a real environment thanks to the incorporation of spatial audio.

Spatial audio will make your attendees hear sounds with a natural understanding of their location. Because, as they move the image of the virtual tour of the software, the audio adapts.

If the user moves away, the sound is heard more distantly. But if he gets up close, he’ll be able to enjoy your exhibit with front-row audio. Fascinating, right?

Be a memorable virtual event host with Virtualand, our new immersive software for events, congresses and virtual conferences

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Offer them that interaction and human contact that they so desire.

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