AR is taking over the world in different scopes of life. In this article we will explore the benefits of augmented reality in education, we can already predict that it will be a drastical change in the way we learn.

Let’s start with, why is Augmented Reality Important in education and how will it affect students’ performance. Even when teachers prefer to teach the traditional way, many students find it so much easier to learn with visual and relatable examples, this is where AR might come handy.  There have been a few studies made that teaching with Augmented Reality help students engage, and factors as confidence and attention increased compared to traditional teaching methods.


There are so many advantages for using augmented reality in education, we picked the most important for you:

  1. A lot of educational institutions are often late when it comes to teaching material and information. With e-learning students can easily download the latest data at home with an AR app.
  2. In cases where is necessary to learn how to use an specific equipment, Augmented Reality app can be really useful with explanations and a 3D model.
  3. Students tend to really engage and focus on the material when using e-learning finding it a new and exciting way to learn.
  4. With Augmented Reality students can practice more and really submerge in the topics, reducing this way learning time.
  5. It’s a safer way to learn anatomy from simulated software, no need to work with dangerous tools or dissect real beings.


Here are some useful examples of how augmented reality can be used in the education field.

1.- Augmented reality in schools

Apps can be used during lesson to better understand the material students are learning. In a very practical way, it can help students with subjects such as biology, anatomy, and physics, making students feel more engaged with this level of class interaction. All of this can be achieved through AR apps that can be used on smartphones or tablets.

2.- Augmented reality in college

Many universities can use augmented reality to teach students engineering, math, design, and many other subjects and careers. A very practical example of the use as AR apps in college education could that of medical students, they can easily learn and practice anatomy and examine bodies with this new tech. Another example can be that students would be able to conduct experiments of chemical reactions in a safe way. It can also allow students to organize and create university events.

3.- Augmented reality in distance learning

We have seen how with the pandemic the method of distance learning has evolved during the last few years, and we believe e-education will continue to increase and develop worldwide. AR apps create a platform for learning where students can engage and collaborate with each other in real time. It’s important to understand that in this modality a teacher won’t always be necessary, a good quality app has the function of detailed and interactive explanations where students can study in an independent way from any location.

4.- Augmented Reality in training

Using Augmented Reality to learn new skills and knowledge for work training or for those looking forward to transitioning into a new work position can really benefit from this. A great example of this could be to learn how to use work equipment or learn about the work environment without all the hazard.

Best AR apps for education

These are the best AR apps to use for education purposes.

1.- Quiver

This app converts images in 3D models, this means that the student will have to color on their page and then the AR tech will show that picture allowing the student to interact with it. It helps the kids with learning about multi-dimensional figures.

2.- Just a line

Developed by Google’s ARCore tool, Just a Line only requires a smartphone for the creative students out there who wish to draw and share their creations with everyone.

3.- 3DBear

This AR app provides AR, VR, and 3D printing and lets students and teachers share designs and videos via cloud making it easier to interact with each other.

4.- Co Spaces Edu 3D

Its use is to teach students digital skills such as coding and lets them explore those creations in AR and VR allowing students to engage in media content creation.

5.- Experience Real History (ERH)

This app functions as a blend of boards and cards for students to learn about history in a more engaging and fun way. Each one of these cards counts within itself info about historical figures, so when seen two cards the app will show how those two historical figures are interconnected.

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