There is a new reality on the horizon, and that is that stores are becoming more and more digitized, but so are the customers. People are starting to digitize their experience even when they are on the physical premises of their favorite store, how you may ask yourself? Well, they are constantly on their phones and can buy at any moment. This is setting up a whole new image, where stores and retailers are now prioritizing the customer’s experience over the purchase itself to maintain the user’s connection with the brand.

Customers want to see how brands innovate and in turn live experiences with them. Hence the importance of having digital content such as holograms since they feel more real than a screen showing product animations or an advertising banner. The uses of the 3d hologram technology may vary, they can show the products that are offered, assist a client, or advertise. This technology offers a unique experience that serves the brand to differentiate itself and increase its loyalty.

5 ways you can take advantage of interactive 3D hologram technology in your business

VR and cyberspace concept with young man in white shirt wearing modern headset touching metaverse virtual screen with digital pixels.

1.- Products releases

Whether you are a small or large company, you can make an interactive 3d hologram technology product release. This new advertising method is still unknown to most of the public, so it can surprise many customers. For example, you launch a new shoe with innovative technology for people who run. A hologram can show you in an impressive way how the shoes are made inside, explaining how the technology works and giving information about its breathability system or materials, etc.

2.- Replacing a banner with a hologram suspended in the air at the entrance of your store to attract more customers

You can project your company logo, a 3d hologram projection technology provides an innovative and up-to-date image for your company since it is different from the classic advertising format, in which we can find posters or simple screens with images.

3.- As interactive commercial support for your sales advisors

Instead of just relying on their commercial speech, your star salespeople can rely on a 3d hologram technology that makes their speech more dynamic and attractive to customers and thus persuades them to buy. In addition, it helps them remember the key points of the product/service to be promoted.

4.- As an information resource always available for your client to find out without anyone’s help

Placing 3d hologram projection technology at strategic points in your store or retail that display detailed information can help your customer to find out on their own without the help of salespeople. With that information in your possession, presented in an attractive way, you will have arguments to be convinced about your purchase and make better decisions. As that same information has been presented in an attractive way (wow effect), your client will have activated a desire to buy that is impossible to ignore.

5.- Success story of holograms

Brands are using 3d hologram projection technology to, for example, improve customer service. For example, holographs inform users of a service. They also serve to receive visits and assist people. This technology allows interactivity as well as obtaining and analyzing user data. An example of a success story is the press conference that actor Hugh Jackman gave at the NH Eurobuilding hotel in Madrid in 2015, the first holographic press conference held in Spain. Or, in the interview that a Belgian network did with the footballer Hazard after the semifinal match of the World Cup in Russia. 

Benefits of hologram marketing for your business

  1. Present products in an innovative way: it allows to contemplate products in their three dimensions. Holographic projections offer a much more realistic and detailed image of what the original product would be.
  2. To create emotions: visual effects can be added to recreate sensations that other forms of presentation are unable to achieve. 3D holograms can also be used to create the atmosphere that surrounds the product.
  3. To explain complex concepts in a simple way: the ease of understanding complex concepts with the help of interactive 3d hologram technology.
  4. To surprise your customers: it will capture the customer’s attention instantly, being surprised by the possibility of observing a product or service in three dimensions without being physically present.

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