Among the advantages of the metaverse platforms and 3d virtual event platforms for businesses, the experts highlight the improvements in productivity, the anticipation of results, cost savings, the possibilities of interaction between collaborators in times of hybrid work, or the options of constantly evaluating performance and behavior of the team. But don’t forget to consider the value of millennials and Gen Z as a target market. These generations are critical as they are often users of some form of the metaverse, such as video games like Roblox or technologies like Virtual Reality. 

Considering that metaverse is experiential and immersive, it is best to offer the same immersive experience with your ads and marketing initiatives. Therefore, you should bet on offering brand events in which users can interact, concerts, etc. At the same time people like to collect things and the metaverse is yet another space to share our interests. As a brand, there is a chance to offer limited edition assets or items that can only be collected in this virtual space.

In short, for organizations, the metaverse and 3d virtual event platforms offer endless opportunities and the key is knowing how to find the one that best fits the values, sector, and personality of the brand.

Benefits of 3D experiences such as metaverse and 3D virtual event platforms

Avatars in the Metaverse World / example of 3d virtual event platforms

Create an immersive environment to make your corporate presentations. A room with a 3D experience shapes an atmosphere that makes corporate presentations more attractive, which is much better than just sharing a presentation on Zoom or any 2D meeting platform.

Before getting excited and applying the metaverse and 3D virtual event platforms in your company, you must be clear about what it can offer you. In this way, from the beginning, you will know what you will find on this path, and the best way to discover it is through the positive aspects:

  • It gives you the possibility of creating social groups, which will be made up of your work team.
  • It is compatible with different multimedia formats so it will be easy to apply.
  • It has two features that will benefit you since it is immersive and multi-user.
  • It gives all users a more personal experience.
  • All members of the company can play their user role through an avatar.
  • Even if they close the session, it continues to run.
  • Objects can be seen three-dimensionally.
  • It allows voice and data interaction with high quality.
  • Provides the contextualization of spaces.
  • Integrates with many tools
  • It also works as a playful component.

3 ways to use 3D virtual experiences to make an impression on your audience

With all the benefits listed above, let’s look at some examples of companies that have already launched into the world of the metaverse and how they’ve done it. We hope to give you some inspiration and create your projects!

  • Gucci Garden celebrates its 100 years in Roblox

In 2021, the luxury brand created a temporary digital space for its centenary exhibition on the Roblox platform, which allowed users to traverse spaces created by other players. In addition, they could move through different themed rooms and buy aesthetic treatments for their avatars.

For two weeks, the fashion house created a unique virtual garden display, accessible exclusively through the platform. The virtual exhibit was part of Gucci Archetypes, a two-week immersive multimedia experience in Florence, Italy.

The Roblox experience mimicked the physical experience. This allowed Roblox users to purchase digital clothing only available for a limited period, creating a sense of scarcity and driving up prices.

  • Coca-Cola promotes its own NFTs

The beverage brand has recently introduced limited edition products jointly between marketing, creativity, design, and technology. Described as a new brand expression, Coca-Cola Creations will introduce a series of limited-edition flavors, collaborations, and experiences that span the physical and digital worlds.

Coca-Cola is betting on immersive digital experiences. In these, consumers can use Stralight’s augmented reality filters on social media and have immersive audio ASMR experiences. Among other things, scanning a can or bottle of the new flavor through Coca-Cola Creations will open a virtual reality concert by singer and brand ambassador Ava Max.

But it is not the first time that the company has experimented with the metaverse. In July 2021, they launched a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • Louis Vuitton travels with Louis the Game

In its celebrations for the birth of its creator the fashion house developed Louis the Game, a video game that combines its heritage, innovation, and NFT art.

The game is inspired by the trip that Louis Vuitton made when he was 14 years old and left home alone and on foot. He finally ended up in Paris, where he set up his business. It is this journey that has inspired the video game. Called Louis the Game, it takes players on an action-packed adventure through six imaginary worlds that exist outside of time, where they will play as Vivienne, the mascot of Louis Vuitton.

Once the user enters Louis the Game, he embarks on an adventure reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda. He can run, jump, and collect items along the way. You can also customize your character with different prints and color combinations of the Louis Vuitton monogram and learn about the designer’s history through the collection of postcards and other memorabilia.

Which metaverse is best for your brand or business?

Biometrics digital transformation with futuristic microchip remixed media

There are several metaverse platforms such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, or even Roblox, or interactive 3D virtual events platforms such as vFairs Accelevents or Boomset. But what do all of these have in common? They don’t let you customize to your liking, and they also all provide the same functions, but at Stringnet we can develop your own 3D experience on an interactive 3D platform completely aligned with your objectives and branding.

Stringnet can help you develop every detail of the experience in a personalized way.

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