Among all of the complex advances in marketing technologies, the latest additions that have gained attention are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), both of which enhance user experiences with innovative marketing and advertising efforts. Let’s see in this article some examples of augmented reality drinks marketing.

Augmented Reality drinks: how beer brands are handle it

Food industries are also adopting the visual tools of AR and VR to improve the experience of customers. Alcohol brands are on the front lines using AR to engage customers in exciting ways. This could help food and beverage companies to transform their traditional marketing strategies using Augmented Reality drinks campaigns, which will trigger increased engagement and interaction with customers, leading to increased brand loyalty and awareness.

Retail brands selling direct-to-consumer products, particularly online, will be better served to begin using augmented reality tools to improve their customers shopping experiences. 

Breweries and bars are using technology to enhance the fine-tasting alcohol experience through virtual reality experiences, like showing off a brewery’s backstage production process, using coordinated AR/VR shots to enhance its beers flavor. 

How to promote alcohol brands: 7 examples with AR

AR is expanding across a number of industries to help customers visually explore products before making a purchase. We selected seven uses of augmented reality ads to understand what unique experiences this technology provides in the drinks marketing field. 

1) Golden Road Brewing

LA based brewery decided to celebrate L.A. Dodgers World Series with a WebAR filter. Fans would show themselves using their camera filter in selfie mode and clicked on “Tal to Celebrate” which would play an animation.

A Dodgers cap would show up on the fan’s head, and a unique Dodgers version container of Golden Road’s Blonde Ale would show up beneath their face on their telephone screen. Then the can airs out and little Dodgers, Golden Road, and baseball logos downpour down around them like confetti. The uses can then take an image to keep celebrating.

The user also has a button to “Redeem Rebate” for Golden Road products by clicking it, it will show a map with locations selling Golden Road.

This a great example of the use of AR to engage with the consumer and promote their brand in social media.

2) Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold

This branded choose to create an interactive experience with Yosemite National Park with a WebAR Portal.

The AR experience consists in the customer pointing their phone’s camera to any space and then a tent appears from the ground. Where it has a doorway inviting the customer to “Tap to Enter Yosemite”. So, by clicking on it, they would enter and walk inside as if they were really there and has a setup of Michelob products.

The customer has the chance to explore the virtual space by also tapping into panels that explain what makes the beer organic and that 1$ of every case will be donated to the National Park Foundation. Below the screen there is also a button that allows the customer to buy beer online or to enter a contest.

3) BOB V!V 

The brand launched an AR Out-of-Home campaign where customers had to scan a QR code and then a 3D Bon V!v vending machine would appear in front of the customer letting them take a closer look at the machine and all the flavors they offer, interact with machine to dispense what they want to see, ordering online and scanning a map for nearby stores.

4) Shocker IPA

With an animated can of a man being shocked by a lightning bolt with a text that says, “This can is animated”, this brand impressed costumers by having to them scan a QR code to bring the can alive on their cellphones. 

5) Mail postcards

You can save the environment while engaging with your clients by making an interactive postcard where you can place as much info of your alcohol brand as you want.

6) Drink coasters

You can also make AR drink coasters where people can interact with your brand by offering for example pub-related games, brewing method videos, or any other idea that resonates with you and your company.

7) Product packaging

Similar to the Shocker IPA, you have many options when adding animation to your product packaging. This is 100% customizable and will bring your customers a good feeling about your brand.

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