The metaverse is a virtual reality environment that can be accessed through any device. This means that you’ll be able to experience it with your smartphone or laptop, and even your watch! Now, companies can use the power of the metaverse to offer new consumer experiences. For example, imagine shopping for furniture in augmented reality. You could browse through catalogs like those in Ready Player One, but instead of being limited to viewing products on pieces of paper or screens—which would leave out touch and smell—you would actually be able to try them out in 3D space before making a purchase decision. ¿Do you want to know more about metaverse marketing strategy? Let’s see.

Metaverse marketing strategy: what to expect

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In the metaverse, you can create a character and live an entire virtual life, from attending school to buying a home. You can visit new places, meet new people and make friends with them. Your personal avatar is completely customizable in this virtual world, with different accessories and clothing items that allow you to express your personality. Are you interested in metaverse marketing strategy? If you own a brand you must. Is no more the future, is the present.

The benefits of living in the metaverse are many:

  • It’s fun! The metaverse lets you explore worlds never before imagined or experienced by humans. For example, if you want to take a trip around the world without leaving your desk chair, it’s possible through the metaide.
  • It’s affordable! If you don’t have time or money for travel right now but still want to see exotic locales without paying for flights or tours (or even leaving your house), virtual reality provides access at low cost compared with real-world travel options like cruises or tours abroad; however these options usually require significant planning ahead of time (and lots of saved up vacation days!).
  • It gives us freedom! Virtual reality allows users total freedom over where they go within any given world through their own actions – no matter what kind of limitations may exist elsewhere (like age requirements) since those rules don’t apply here either.

Marketing in the metaverse: 12 ways to go

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Let’s see then what are the marketing strategies to keep an eye on.

1) Promotional actions

Integrating the 2 worlds, a common use case is to use promotional codes redeemable in the real world and vice versa (physically generated and redeemable on the platform).

2) Content marketing

Development of specific actions linked to new virtual content and its consumption by different types of users.

3) Influencer marketing 

There are now organizations dealing with the relationship of brands in the metaverse with computerized powerhouses who will have their ‘virtual twin’ at the assistance of the requirements of these macros. At the point when there is a critical crowd, this will be a typical model.

4) ad hoc campaigns

Algorithms will play a fundamental role in drawing advertising in the metaverse. But, initially, the appearance of advertising and banners integrated into the experience will be the norm.

5) D-commerce strategies

The metaverse will be a new stage for d-commerce. We will be able to acquire services and products directly on the platform / experience without the need to be redirected to a purchase platform to use.

6) Define your marketing goals in the metaverse

Why do you want to be part of the metaverse? Is it about having a greater reach, positioning the brand or promoting loyalty? In the short term, the main objective of brands should not be to drive sales directly. 

7) Identify the platforms that provide the best opportunity 

Today, the absolute most popular stages are: Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, Minecraft and Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Through trial and error, you will actually want to recognize which stage is better relying upon the reason.

8) Design attractive experiences for the target audience

Without a doubt, the brands that have a presence in the metaverse are perceived as innovative. Complementing virtual and physical marketing strategies with actions in the metaverse can have interesting results. An example of this was done by the Vans company when it launched its Vans World on Roblox.

9) Experiment with profitable models

It is important to plan future sales now, even if these are not contemplated in the short term. There are already companies that are doing exchanges in the metaverse like Forever21 that sells a hat for less than a dollar on Roblox. On the same platform, Chipotle allowed players to exchange a digital currency for a real-life rewards.

10) Create and partner for new metaverse capabilities

When the abilities they have and require are distinguished, brands can select somebody to lead the turn of events and execution of a strong methodology to catch esteem across the metaverse. Through joint effort between autonomous makers and designers, brands will add mastery in the metaverse.

11) Proactively plan for brand risks

To decrease chances, it will be significant for brands to be ready for the fast criticism patterns of the Internet or the expected virality of informal communities. Laying out standard procedures of commitment (itemized arrangements and requirement rehearses that they can follow later) will be basic for client experience, protected innovation the executives, client security, information protection, and deception might be of concern. utility.

12) Reconsider how you measure marketing success

Advanced promoting regularly centers around measurements like the quantity of guests, transformations, likes, and offers, as well as the expense of procuring clients. With the metaverse, it’s workable for advertisers to characterize new commitment measurements that consider the novel social financial matters at play.

¿Metaverse marketing? We can help you

So, the metaverse isn’t just a futuristic concept. It’s something that is already happening, and it could change everything about how we interact with each other and our businesses. With this knowledge in hand, you can start exploring how your brand can benefit from VR and AR technologies today—and we hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to do that!

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