Videomarketing is a marketing strategy that although is not new, brands do need it. It has become an important asset and is present on every platform. And the best part is that video production is easier now than ever being cost-effective.

But you have to keep in mind, that besides filming the video you must also have a strategy, equipment, editing software, etc. Stay with us in this article and we’ll show you all their benefits and examples on how you can make it for your brand.

What is videomarketing?

Video showcasing is utilizing recordings to advance and market your item or administration, increment commitment on your computerized and social channels, teach your buyers and clients, and contact your crowd with another medium. Let’s see more about videomarketing and how it works.

Benefits of Video Marketing

A Woman create a video / video content marketing

  • Videomarketing energizes social offers: Video is the second most famous substance type via virtual entertainment for expanding commitment. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have forever been about video. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are zeroing in on record.


  • Video marketing further develops SEO and supports transformations and deals: 31% of advertisers add video to further develop SEO. Sites see a web index help when they add video since it increments page quality and the time guests spend on the page. Over 60% of advertisers say their client procurement cost has gone up. Simultaneously, 83% of video advertisers say that video assists them with creating leads. That’s on the grounds that video hasn’t just changed how organizations market and buyers shop; it’s additionally upset the way in which salesmen associate with and convert prospects and how administration groups backing and joy clients. To put it plainly, video is staggeringly helpful all through the whole flywheel — not simply to increase brand mindfulness. Video can be a flexible instrument for sales reps all through the whole client purchasing excursion, and it can do considerably more than increment engaging. Backend examination additionally help salesmen qualify and focus on cold or lethargic leads.


  • Videomarketing appeals to mobile users: Mobile clients are a main thrust for video utilization. As per a Statista study, 77% of those overviewed utilize a portable or tablet to watch online recordings. Furthermore, Facebook says it’s 1.5x more probable for individuals to watch video consistently on a cell phone than on a PC.


  • Videomarketing is perfect for instructing and fabricating trust: While 91.9% of clients are content to observe any kind of video whatsoever, 31.3% need how-to recordings and another 29.8% need instructive recordings. The choices are likewise interminable for administration groups — onboarding recordings, information-based recordings, meet the group recordings, support video calls, and client stories are only a couple of ways that video can make a more careful, customized client service insight. Also, clients aren’t simply gaining from brands. Millennial and Gen Z clients are unique, yet a large portion of them need to gain from one another. As indicated by HubSpot Research, shoppers and clients lean toward lower quality, “legitimate” video over excellent video that appears to be fake and inauthentic. This is important for the explanation powerhouse showcasing has developed from $9.7 in 2020 to an expected $16.4 billion of every 2022. Video is accessible for organizations of for all intents and purposes any size — group and financial plan the same. The information is clear. To succeed, your business needs a strong video showcasing system.

8 Examples of Marketing Videos

Marketing videos: a woman watch a concert live in her phone.

Before you start shooting, you really want to conclude what kind of video you need to make. Look at this rundown to more likely grasp your choices with these examples.

  1. Demo Videos

Demo videos exhibit how your item functions — whether that is taking watchers on a visit through your product or unpacking and scrutinizing an actual item.

  1. Brand Videos

Brand videos are normally made as a piece of a bigger publicizing effort, displaying the organization’s vision, mission, or items and administrations.

The objective of brand recordings is to construct mindfulness around your organization and to interest and draw in your interest group.

  1. Expert Interviews

Catching meetings with inward specialists or thought forerunners in your industry is an extraordinary method for building trust and authority with your interest group. Track down the powerhouses in your industry and put these conversations before your crowd.

The video above is something beyond a superficial meeting, it’s a profound plunge with industry specialists offering substantial focus points for watchers. Make sure to get strategic with your meetings — your crowd will develop from your persistent effort.

  1. Explainer Videos

This sort of video can assist your crowd with bettering comprehend the reason why they need your item or administration. Numerous explainer recordings center around a made-up excursion of the organization’s center purchaser persona who is battling with an issue. This beats the issue by embracing or purchasing the business’ answer.

  1. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Your possibilities need to realize that your item can take care of their particular issue.

One of the most outstanding ways of demonstrating this is by making contextual analysis recordings that include your fulfilled, steadfast clients. These people are your best promoters. Get them on camera depicting their difficulties and how your organization settled them.

  1. Live Videos

Live video gives your watchers a unique, in the background check your organization out. It likewise draws longer streams and higher commitment rates.

As per Google in 2021, 85% of individuals have watched a live stream somewhat recently. Furthermore, live-stream meetings, introductions, and occasions urge watchers to remark with questions.

  1. 360° & Virtual Reality Videos

With 360° recordings, watchers “look” around to see content from each point — as though they were truly remaining inside the substance.

This round video style permits watchers to encounter an area or occasion, such as flying down a slope with Olympic skiers.

Augmented reality (VR) permits watchers to explore and control their experience. These recordings are normally seen through gadgets like an Oculus Quest 2 or a Valve Index.11. 

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

AR recordings add a computerized layer to what you are watching.

For instance, you can point your telephone’s camera at your front room and AR would permit you to perceive how a sofa would search in your space. The IKEA Place application is an incredible illustration of this.

How to create a Videomarketing campaign 

  • Pick your main interest group and find out where they invest their energy.
  • Interface with partners to adjust on an arrangement for the video.
  • Set a timetable and financial plan for your video.
  • Pick the best stage to disseminate your video.
  • Foster informing and pick the right kinds of video for your personas.
  • Conclude which measurements you need to track and how you will quantify achievement.

Setting up your video analytics

Composition about videomarketing and short videos

Prior to sending off any showcasing effort, concluding your essential video goal is significant. You incorporated objectives into your underlying video advertising system, yet these objectives can here and there change during creation.

It’s smart to select only a couple of objectives for every video. Anything else than that, your video will appear to be unfocused, making it challenging for watchers to comprehend what they ought to do straightaway.

For instance, a solitary video can carry attention to another item and your image yet adding the tale of your pioneer to that equivalent video could be excessively.

Then, we should discuss measurements. Understanding video examination will prepare you to characterize and quantify your prosperity.

At the point when you post a video, it’s not difficult to get fixated on one measurement — view count. While view count can be a significant measurement, different measurements might be more applicable to your mission.

As you pick which video examination to follow, make an effort not to gather a larger number of information than you can investigate. Pick the measurements that are generally applicable to your video advertising objectives.

Video promoting can be overpowering from the start, however with a touch of training and persistence, you can undoubtedly create excellent video content that is one of a kind to your image.

Get a camera, begin shooting, and watch your commitment levels increment. Now is the right time to make video a vital piece of your showcasing technique.

Approach slowly and carefully and continue to learn. No one can really tell how a groundbreaking thought or procedure can assist you with meeting your objectives. 

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