With more than 17 years providing innovative solutions, Stringnet is an interactive experiential agency that creates brand experiences, produces messages that immerse the user in brand experiences with high impact and high recall. The brand also brings ideas to life with strategy, creativity and technology, executing advertising campaigns, digital campaigns and corporate events in alternative media.

Among the services we provide we can name the big three categories which are strategy, creativity, and technology. Let’s see.

We are Stringnet

Stringnet stand

In Stringnet, we are experts at analyzing, conceptualizing and determining the needs, problems and expectations of a product, service or company seeks to solve. We create brand experiences. And to get to that, we design strategies always focused on the client’s objectives.

You can count on us to create advertising, corporate and organizational campaigns, and we guarantee it will develop a high impact and recall massages, with the help of our innovative ideas that sell and build image, which is the result of great analysis and inspiration. 

But how we manage to do all this? Well, we use high-tech digital platforms, audiovisual and interactive resources, for the development and transmission of digital content. For us, technology is a means to create brand experiences.

What do we offer?

1) Magical realism

We bring ideas to life, creating immersive brand experiences through interactive media with high-impact and memorable messages.

We create moments that build a bond with the brand, turning the public into an active agent when interacting, and opening up to new experiences. Such as organization of online events and interactive virtual events, virtual reality development, interactive holographic display, interactive kiosk, interactive hologram, among others.

2) Experiences of image and sound

We innovate and make unique the presentations of advertising, corporate, and organizational events with high-tech audiovisual resources.

We offer solutions that range from the supply of audiovisual equipment to the creation and comprehensive execution of the event, creating memorable brand experiences. And these can be air hologram transparent led screen, event production, led screen rental, 360º video and photography service, virtual events, video streaming and online video conferences, 3d prism hologram, led monitors, etc.

3) Creation without barriers

In Stringnet, we create, develop and produce digital content for different communication platforms.

We develop solutions tailored to each project, making each job a strategic piece that adheres to the concept, personality, and objectives of the brand. We offer you the following: augmented reality, digital marketing, virtual reality development, digital content production, app development, advergames, design and 3d animation, interactive video mapping production and production and post-production of video.

4) Virtualand

It’s a platform stage where you can make avatars that will address your virtual body, it will resemble a computer game of your reality, with companions you know.

A utilitarian proposition is that of Virtualand, since we are a specific organization for 3D virtual occasions, we offer natural platforms as cutting edge as the Metaverse. Special spaces, for example, customization that will stay for your organization and will make some meaningful difference.

We look to produce a computerized system where individuals don’t have to go out, since they will be close and associated to the point of imparting to one another. At Virtualand we offer you to submerge yourself in a computer-generated simulation for a one-of-a-kind encounter that your visitors can not abstain from recalling.

An internet-based occasion, a virtual occasion is wonderful on the grounds that it doesn’t make any difference what sort of true you are searching for or need for your image, you can adjust your virtual occasion to the field you handle.

We have the choice of 2D and 3D, current stages with the degree of connection and exceptional recall. We deal with planning a virtual world for your visitors and members.

Virtualand will carry many benefits to your image, it will make you advance quickly as far as innovation and development for your business, all to remember your crowd for an alternate internet-based insight.

The development that is shown in occasions is an impression of the likely that your product or service can offer. Involving a 3D stage for virtual item dispatches is a gigantic lift for your business.

With 3D platforms like the ones, we offer at Virtualand, you will want to add authenticity to drench yourself through the web in an imaginative encounter, producing a surefire memory.

The ongoing circumstance gives us a benefit, the longing for socialization in the person. With a sensible 3D climate, you offer individuals the chance to reconnect in vivid and social conditions with additional individuals.

Do you want Virtualand to expand you brand to the future?

With Stringnet you will have specialists who will be attempting to give your visitors the best insight. In your events you will be able to give a new, surprising, and easy to remember experience, everyone will want to be part of your event and share it.

We know how to give your visitors a special encounter and make great occasions that fulfill participants.

Specialists with over 17 years in the field are ready to get strategies that draw in your customers and join them in a unique kind of way.

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