Virtual events are an excellent way to give customers unique and personalized experiences that they will never forget.

And for this, brands can count on Virtualand, a company that has experts with more than 18 years of experience in preparing virtual events in 2D and 3D, in which they create avatars that represent the bodies of real-life people.  

It is like a video game in which the company and the avatars, who are the customers, will be immersed in a virtual reality in order to learn more about the brand’s products. This will undoubtedly give great potential, modernity and innovation to the business.

To help you understand what Virtualand is, imagine it like Meta, but based in Peru. It’s a platform where you can create avatars that will represent your virtual body, it will be like a video game of your real life, with friends you know.

A functional proposal is that of Virtualand, since we are a specialized agency for 3D virtual events, we offer intuitive platforms as futuristic as the Metaverse. Unique spaces such as customization that will remain for your company and will leave its mark.

Examples of avatar-based virtual event platforms that planners need to consider

Virtualand: example of 3d avatar

Interaction and information exchange in different formats are great virtues of virtual platforms for events such as Virtualand.

Therefore, this type of technological tools are used in various events, some of them are:

Trade shows and conferences

Conferences and trade fairs recreate scenarios where companies have a stand with 3D avatars, who would be like the brand managers, who provide data and clarify doubts about the products or services they offer to other avatars (customers) who are interested in that information point.

This experience combined with the virtual scenario makes the user feel the event very real, which generates more curiosity so they stay for a long time in the event, which is advantageous to obtain more business opportunities.

Team Building

It is intended for remote workers to whom Virtualand creates their own avatars, which can participate in very interactive, close and real meetings. One of the most popular virtual team building events is the Virtual Escape Rooms with avatars.

It is important to mention that in this activity it is not necessary to use VR glasses, since the platform itself recreates the ideal scenario for this activity.

Virtual classrooms

These are scenarios where people participate in virtual teaching. This type of action has a greater impact on attendees by leaving a very clear message, so the results achieved are better than the company expected.

What are 3D avatars and how important are they in the metaverse?

It is a digital replica of a certain person, that is created on the Internet, so it can participate in online games or virtual events.

On the other hand, the metaverse is the virtual replica of a real scenario, which is of great importance because it will be the space where users will participate with their avatars to learn more about the brand.

Are 3D avatars good for virtual meetings?

Virtual meeting ilustration

As previously mentioned, avatars are the same people but in the virtual world and when they participate in virtual meetings the experience can become innovative, creative and unique.

This is because the avatars themselves become the protagonists of these virtual events by being able to communicate with others who are there (strangers, friends or brand managers) in a personal way and without losing the human quality, so they have more control over their experience, thus feeling very powerful.

This is why avatars turn out to be a great success for this type of virtual platforms such as Virtualand.

In this sense, there are many companies that are including virtual events in their marketing strategies because they attract new customers, build customer loyalty, publicize their products or services, and therefore, close many more sales.

Virtualand: this is what you need to know

We seek to generate a digital ecosystem where people don’t need to go out, since they will be close and connected enough to share with each other. At Virtualand we offer you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality for a unique experience that your guests will not be able to avoid remembering.

An online event, a virtual event is perfect because it doesn’t matter what type of objective you are looking for or need for your brand, you can adapt your virtual event to the field you handle.

We have the option of 2D and 3D, modern platforms with the level of interaction and unique recall. We are more than an event hall, we take care of designing a virtual world for your guests and participants.

Benefits of Virtualand for your brand

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Virtualand will bring many advantages to your brand, it will make you advance rapidly in terms of modernity and innovation for your business, all to include your audience in a different online experience.

The innovation that is demonstrated in events is a reflection of the potential that your product or service can offer. Using a 3D platform for virtual product launches is a huge boost for your business.

With 3D platforms like the ones we offer at Virtualand, you will be able to add realism to immerse yourself via the internet in a totally creative experience, generating a guaranteed memory.

The current situation gives us an advantage, the desire for socialization in the human being. With a realistic 3D environment you give people the opportunity to re-engage in immersive and social environments with more people.

Virtualand features for your brand


At the time of registration you will need to enter your data, to originate your segmented database that will obtain the data and measurement of the people who registered.

In addition to this, you will be able to count on the time data of the people who remained connected, and in what type of specific area they remained connected or interacting with more concentration.

Custom avatars

To be able to mobilize within the Metaverse-type virtual event, it is important to obtain your avatar, since it will be your virtual body. You must register to have the option to create the character that you will use to move throughout the event. Through the avatars we can send text messages or voice messages and even generate movements from an emotion, such as clapping, jumping, dancing, smiling, etc. Additionally, you can customize its features to make it similar to you and give it the name you like. 

These avatars work to immerse us in the online world and move us within the digital space. In this way, we can interact with other avatars that are other users, so the experience will be as similar as possible to a physical event.

Realistic surround sound 

This sound system consists of stream music or sound (live) being as close to reality as possible.

To do this, if you stay close to the sound you will feel the noise to the fullest, however, if you move away you will hear the sound from afar and if you get closer it will seem close. Just as music really is in a face-to-face event. 

Implementation of tools

The fact that it is virtual doesn’t mean that we will not have additional gifts, so you can make use of tools such as informative holograms, detailed 3D modeling or design or 3D projection plans.

Custom design

With professional help you can count on the benefit of designing the entire virtual platform with expert guidance, where you will carry out your 3D online events, setting your company objectives, but managing your company’s color palette.

Likewise, you can place your company’s branding throughout the event space, in this way people, in addition to being visually impacted, will remember that your brand is the cause of giving them a unique experience, a visit worth remembering.

Do you want Virtualand to expand you brand to the future?

With Virtualand you will have experts who will be working to give your guests the best experience. In your 3D online event you will be able to give a new, surprising and easy to remember experience, everyone will want to be part of your event and share it.

We know how to give your guests a unique experience and create impressive events that make attendees happy.

Only experts with more than 18 years in the field are prepared to obtain methods that attract the memory of connected people and unite them in a unique way. Let’s talk!