Many companies nowadays have realized that 360 degree shopping experience has a great positive effect on the customer’s journey. And companies do it by using 360-degree cameras which are less expensive than it once was. These cameras have to be set up inside the physical retail stores, and then customers can get online and navigate as if they were in the store.

360 Degree Shopping Experience: What is it? Examples and uses

At the same time, data can be gathered from this technology such as demographics, shopping behavior, and customer interaction touchpoints, all of which can be recorded into a system called CRM

We can see how famous brands have already used it, for example, Nissan, which is an interactive car showroom, where people can see the cars from the outside and inside. Another case is the fashion buyer Ordre, which has incorporated the 360 Degree Shopping Experience into its online stores. On the website, customers can see the outfits from all angles. Diesel also made a virtual showroom, with dramatic colors and visuals that stand out to the customers.

What is a 360 store?

360 shopping experience in a shop

A 360 store can be any digital retail store where the user can shop as if they were in the physical shop but in the comfort of their homes. Navigate the halls of the place, pick up the products, and end up paying like the traditional eCommerce way. This is a new tech that is gaining more and more popularity amongst big luxury brands. It’s a great opportunity for retailers that are getting into the new AR and VR wagon to give this one a try. There are many companies that offer services to create and tailor these 360 stores in any way the brand wants.

What is a 360 Degree Shopping Experience?

A 360 Degree Shopping experience is essentially a new and modern way for retailers to offer their products and services personalized for each customer. By implementing 360-degree shopping showroom retailers can gain more access to diverse groups of people like never before, this was especially true in times of the pandemic, but after it, the tendencies of more and more brands trying it out have been on the rise. And we project it will get each day more popular among young people, but for older people as well that find it hard to get out of their house.

List of companies that create a 360 degree shopping experience

360 shopping experience in a shop

There are companies that you would think have been doing this for quite some time we will show you the ones we like the most:

  • Yord: This is a Czech company that specializes in making all types of VR and AR experiences.
  • Groove Jones: This company has made many Projects on VR and 360 degrees.
  • Obsessar: This company is reinventing the e-commerce interface for discovery-driven product categories. Its mission is to turn online shopping into a great experience by replacing the boring eCommerce. This company is an anR and VR software platform for experiential shopping.
  • Stringnet: Our favorite!

360-Degree Shopping Experience: Key to Success

The primary key to succeeding in implementing a 360 degree shopping experience is for the retailers to get to know their customer base: their motivations, preferences, and economic factors, among others. Taking into account that this type of experience makes the customers much control, it is important to engage with them through social media or mobile apps.

When achieving this level of understanding of the customers you will get in a better position to cater to the needs and demands of the consumers.

What is the 360 Degree of Shopping Experience like for the customer?

This type of shopping experience begins when the customer enters a retail website. In there they are able to see a 360° view of the physical store. So, the customer will see something similar to Google Maps, but retail instead. They can do everything they could do in real life, from walking through the hallways, browsing all the products, or even talking to the staff.

If the customer chooses a product, they just have to add it to the shopping cart, just like any other eCommerce store. After it comes to the regular checkout process and standard payment.

Will the 360 Degree Shopping Experience take off?

Each passing day we can see how technology becomes more affordable in such a way, soon we will be able to see it in the mainstream. Improving the customer experience is very important since it will benefit the customer relationship with your company. And having a 360-degree retail experience for your customers is very appealing technology at this time.

If your goal is to set yourself aside from other competitors, just consider trying out the 360-degree shopping experience. It could be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it and an investment for your brand.

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