In this post we want to talk about Groove Jones, do you know this company? Let’s share some of their work and reviews. Let’s go.

Groove Jones: Company Overview (Reviews and Projects)

Groove Jones logo

This company specializes in building interactive and engaging experiences for their clients. Groove Jone’s team is able to create from location-based entertainment, engineering enterprise Apps to designing animated characters to videogames, working with computer visualization, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

This brand has made projects and offers application development solutions such as:

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Site, HTML5, and WebGL Development
  • Custom Desktop App Development

In the field of Augmented Reality, the brand can provide:

  • Social Camera Effects, Filters and Lenses for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
  • Web AR
  • Mobile AR Apps
  • IoT / HMD AR and AR Glasses Development for Magic Leap and HoloLens
  • AR for Print – Murals, Posters and Packaging

They also offer Virtual Reality solutions such as:

  • VR Content Creation – Live Action 360 Video Production Services
  • VR Content Creation – CGI and VFX

As well as Video and Camera App Development – Social Share and Web Site, HTML5, and WebGL Development.

Company Brief: Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a company founded in 2015 that has won the Ex Gold Awards, Shorty Awards, Obie, Clio and Digiday Awards for their tech work.

Groove Jones have a team of artists, engineers, technologists, industrial designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, usability experts, interior designers, content creators, engineers, fabricators, and project managers that produce innovative and creative solutions for their customers. The brand tries to maintain a unique vision to inspire people everywhere.

The company produces advertising, marketing, sales enablement, and enterprise training on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, WebGL, and Web 3.0 development for brands.

This company’s main focus is to create out of the box solutions for their clients in many different platforms. GrooveTech™ is their proprietary group of technologies which has been developed as a base for many of their productions. Their platform is secure and reliable which system is built to provide comprehensive solutions.

Groove Jones Client Reviews

According to the website a health tech company worked had this to say about their experience on working with Groove Jones:

The company found that “Their technical capability and creativity are second to none and show in every layer of their organization.”

And a youth education organization had this to say: “They were very creative, flexible, and efficient. Groove Jones brought up great ideas, but they were also able to evolve the product fairly quickly from their original idea.”

In another case Groove Jones helped a VR development company build a location-based VR experience, their review was: “Their ability to marry their technical acumen and creative capacity in order to provide something that the public would really enjoy was very impressive.”

Groove Jones Company Projects

The most emblematic company projects they have created are the following:

  • Toyota Role-Based Learning VR Program for Safety Training: By creating a VR training experience that uses Role-based Learning (RBL) in order to assist with safety.
  • NAEC Tuskegee Airmen Pepper’s Ghost Hologram Exhibit: Groove Jones worked with Bellwether Prototype to create the Tuskegee Airmen ¨Pepper’s Ghost Hologram¨ which can be found in the Arsenal of Democracy Museum.
  • Swashbuckler – A Dedicated 4D Multiplayer VR Game Only at Royal Caribbean International’s Virtual Adventure Zone: A custom-built dedicated Location-Based Experience VR game “Swashbuckler”.

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