The metaverse is already here and many companies are starting to wonder if it will live up to the hype, what really are the metaverse platforms and what can they do for their business. Should your company be a part of it? Let’s take a walk inside this new digital world.


Metaverse platforms and virtual reality: what should we know?

Before you decide we’ll recap what the basic idea of the metaverse is. Metaverse platforms include any digital experience that is 3D, virtual, immersive and virtual as in, which means it gives the opportunity to work, play, connect or buy inside the metaverse virtual reality.

It isn’t just “the metaverse”, any entity that creates a virtual world do it so with its own access, rights, etc, which means that it varies in terms of creative expression and formats. What is meant by the metaverse is more of the concept of the immersive landscape experience or just the virtual reality as we think we know it.

Who is already there?

Ilustration about metaverse and virtual reality

Some businesses are already developing this landscape, for example, the gaming company Epic Games have normalized socializing in virtual settings with their Fortnite game. Roblox allows users to create worlds and play in them. Another example is Decentraland a metaverse app that is a 3D virtual world created by its own users, it allows them to create virtual structures which can be later monetized.

On the other hand, there is Nike filing for patents for virtual goods to further build a virtual retail environment.

There are many opportunities to make money from a metaverse app and not just in the gaming industry. A great case is the tech company Nvidia that is investing in metaverse simulations which will eventually reduce waste and accelerate business solutions. Even Microsoft is taking advantage of the metaverse platforms by positioning its cloud services to be the fabric of this brand new world.

As you can see, hybrid models are very likely to become the new norm on how companies relate to their customers. Every day more metaverse app are born.

If your company is still on the side, its important that you find a place and balance the risk-reward equation of your brand. How can I know this? you might ask yourself, the first step is to understand what is possible and what are the companies in the game doing.

In the gaming industry there are brands out there taking full advantage of the metaverse platforms with branded experiences. There also commercial applications in the Metaverse platforms also known as “social commerce”, is all about buying goods and services from social experiences. There are already virtual showrooms, fashion shows, VR apps and dressing rooms and many other virtual reality or augmented reality tools out that help you sell your physical goods and in the near future virtual goods.

5 best metaverse platforms and best VR apps

Before we give you our top pick of the 5 best metaverse platforms and best VR apps for your business to join in this 2022, you have to be wondering how can you make a profit out of this.

Well, you can buy land and build properties, build your company’s virtual headquarters, promote your business’ products and services placing advertisements, banners and social media, create and sell wearable NFTs, showcase and sell your NFT art collection, host and attend professional themed events, make virtual reality metaverse parties and giveaways, and many other possibilities.

Now, let’s see our selection:

1) Decentraland

Is an open-source 3D virtual world that has been open to the public since February 2020. So, this platform is single-layered and is divided into equal grids where every coordinate is called LAND. The land happens to be limited and only the community can create more land through a decision-making tool for LANDA and MANA holders called Decentraland DAO.

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2) Somnium Space

Is a VR world on the Metaverse that has been available to the public since September 2018. The land happens to be uneven, it has 5000 land parcels divided into different plots along a pre-generated map. Unlike Decentraland, Somnium Space’s team releases new land from time to time. Somnium Space comes with an erc20 token that is called Somnium Space CUBEs, and the space is used through virtual reality, PC and Web. It can be used on your mobile as well but its main focus in on the VR experience.

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3) The SandBox

The metaverse platform on SandBox was born in Novermeber 2021, and its currency it’s called SAND. SandBox is currently working along side with different partners in the entertainment, finance, gaming, real estate and even the Hongkong film industry so that they can create a virtual Mega City. This metaverse platform is single layered as well and is divided into a grid with spaces of equal size, although users are free to buy more plots in order to have more space. Since the supply of land is for now limited, Sandbox plots are sold through auctions that can be bought using SAND currency.

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4) HyperVerse

Is a virtual world platform part of the metaverse, where each world is a planet. This means that the HyperVerse is a collection of planets that are now owned by anybody. Each user is referred to as a Voyager, and any Voyager can generate tokens, connect with other Voyagers and explore all the planets as a group. Voyagers can also start businesses in the marketplace, build virtual online worlds and monetize assets. The idea behind HyperVerse is to provide a decentralized platform where Voyagers can socialize with each other, play and earn.

5) NAKAverse

Is one of the first metaverses to introduce a true in-game economy where users will be able to acquiare virtual land and construct buildings. The $NAKA token will serve as the NAKAverse’s native currency.

Here we are to help you build hybrid brand experiences

Brands and companies should always be learning and expanding, specially in the digital landscape. The metaverse is without a doubt how we will connect in the future.

In Stringnet we are excited to create interactive experiences for your brand, from engagement, VR apps, metaverse apps to customer support and help your company expand the dimension of the metaverse.

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