S5D: Company Overview (Reviews and Projects)

Sector 5 Digital is a company that transforms brands by designing creative digital experiences. Their 25 years of expertise include elements such as augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile apps, and 3D animations. This wide range of skills makes them unique in the industry and allows them to be a full-service partner for their customers. This ultimately makes the difference between an okay experience and an amazing experience. 

Furthermore, they maintain a collaborative approach with their clients. This consistently helps to ensure that projects come in on time and budget while maximizing project efficiency and minimizing economic waste.

Company Brief: Sector 5 Digital

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Sector 5 Digital (S5D) is an award-winning digital design company that makes technological solutions better through innovative marketing, branding, design, and technology.

This company have a team of savvy and knowledgeable technical designers, expert storytellers, and creative problem solvers. From helping clients overcome complex technical challenges to creating innovative Virtual Reality experiences, Sector 5 Dominates in providing clients with the technology they need to succeed and Brands they’ve wanted since the beginning of time.

Reviews about the company

According to the clutch.co Sector 5 Digital has a review of 4.8 out of 5. And a client left this message:


We had to do some CGI work for our latest product, so we hired Sector 5 Digital.


Our teams initially had introductory conversations. We explained our needs, timelines, and budget. Once these things were approved internally, Sector 5 told us what they could do for our project. We gave them references for the animation style we wanted. 

From there, we received draft versions of the animation and underwent three rounds of tweaking the drafts. After that, Sector 5 rendered high-resolution versions of the animation. Everything was built from scratch. 


To measure success, we had weekly status meetings. We provided feedback while Sector 5 was rendering the first drafts of the project. Their work was effective because they understood what we wanted and made it happen.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Their experience in CGI and photorealistic animation distinguished them from others. I worked with several CGI artists in the past, and Sector 5 was a different level — this truly caught my attention while looking at their reels. Apart from that, they were professional.

Interactive projects

Sector 5 Digital has many many projects, the ones that are most important and outstanding are the following:

  • Galderma anatomy VR

S5D helped Galderma to create an immersive motion-based VR anatomy training to teach doctors how to inject patients safely.

  • Bell nexus at CES 2019

Bell Flight wanted to create a campaign to be launched at CES 2019 with the use of AU, a VR simulator, and photo-realistic animation. 
  • Rheinmetall OMFV visuals

Rheinmetall proposed an infantry fighting vehicle, the Lynx Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV), and with the help of Sector 5, Digital was able to create multiple marketing pieces.

Sector 5 Digital: Company Summary and News

Among the latest Sector 5 Digital Summary and News we have the following:

  • Sector 5 Digital and Mavenir Take the Win at the 2022 Vega Digital Awards.
  • Sector 5 Digital Joins Forces with VR/AR Platform Company,
    The Glimpse Group
  • S5D + Galderma Bring Home Multiple GOLD in the 2021 Muse Creative Awards.
  • S5D awarded Best AR/VR Film & Video Production Company at the 2021 Media Innovator Awards.
  • S5D Awarded MegaGrant from Epic Games Unreal Engine.

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