Let’s talk in this article about a very new concept: metaverse marketing agency. How does it work? Does your brand need one? Keep reading and figure it out.

Metaverse marketing agency: what do I need to know

Nowadays a marketing agency takes care of the planning, design, and execution of any promotional activity. This means having into account every single piece of data regarding a brand’s commercial activity to set a sales strategy to follow. In order to achieve it, a marketing agency must make a churn rate of data related to communication with customers and providers, prices, products, and sales.

Keeping this in mind, the success of any marketing strategy will depend on the resources applied to get at the most quantity of clients possible. This implies promotion and how many people any brand can attract to it.

Behind a good product, there is an even better marketing plan.

But what could you say if everything you may know about marketing strategies is changing into a better and (so far) unknown world?

Knowing the Past Helps Predict the Future

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Let’s go back to the year 2007. What happened back then?… Something nowadays granted as Facebook Ads Manager was launched. That very same year YouTube Partner Program was released as well.

These two platforms changed the way a product could impact not only a person, but on a group of people that shared at the same time a physical and a virtual location.

In addition, they opened up a new way of making marketing since from that very moment new strategies must be planned to shorten the distance between a product and not a person, but a lot of people grouped under a same flag: a community.

Taking this into account, would you ever think at that moment of what could have resulted of a mixture between Facebook and YouTube? To answer this, you must take a look at the years 2010 and 2011.

Instagram and Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat showed up for the first time at 2010 and 2011, respectively. Nowadays people wouldn’t be able to imagine their world without them. Brands, influencers, and marketing as we know wouldn’t exist neither. The COVID-19 pandemic would have destroyed the entire economy system before them but… actually it strengthened them: a lot of restaurants and business adopted e-commerce and, by doing so, they had to embrace digital marketing.  

So, something that people had no idea of shaped the marketing in an (by that time) unknown way. The conclusion you may make out of this is that one cannot know how the unknown will change the unknown future. Would you face the unknown?

The Metaverse

Contrary to one could think, the metaverse is not a new idea. The concept was coined by Neal Stephenson in a novel titled Snow Crash (1992), in which a hacker-using virtual reality goggles-  jumps back and forth between a dystopian Los Angeles and a virtual world called the Metaverse.

Defined as a dynamic, experiential and immersive experience, the metaverse as it’s known so far as a virtual place where people, throughout customizable avatars, can come together, play, sell and buy items, and make their own worlds in different platforms, such as Roblox, The Sandbox, and Decentraland, among others.

NFT, Identity, and Value

In the “real world” people buy and sell tangible things for money. That’s clear. At the metaverse, people buy and sell Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with both cryptocurrencies and real money. But what is a NFT?

In practice, a NFT is a virtual object that has a unique identity, and is this very characteristic what gives the entire value to a NFT. No matter whether it is a water bottle, a car, a bike, a twit or even a snippet from a video, what really matters is its single and unique value.

Having defined what metaverse and NFT are, you may ask, what is the role of a marketing agency in the metaverse?

Marketing in the Metaverse

As it was said, marketing is the way a business can set plan based on several aspects, such as sales, communication between customers and sellers, prices, and products. And a marketing agency is the responsible for sketching that plan taking in account the data provided by the business. Now, how does this apply to the metaverse?

You may have prime marketing in the metaverse by placing prime advertising: think about bus posters, billboards, wall posters, and road banners. Even, companies can create a game out of the very trade mark, as already did Gucci, Vans and Nike.

Also, a company or a personality can host important events to attract possible clients to watch and buy their products, as it happened with Lionel Messi, who accorded by signing his contract with Paris Saint-German to receive “fan tokens” as payment. After signing the contract, the price of these fan tokens jumped up to the air.

Top 10: Metaverse marketing agency

metaverse marketing agency: man with vr glases

Once you know the possibilities that are out there on the metaverse, probably you have realized yourself you need a good marketing agency to run your business on the metaverse. Here we list you ten top metaverse marketing agencies. Have them a look:

1.- Publicis.Poke

They are well-known for having a team that constantly explores the metaverse that are out there in order to understand how marketing fits in.

2.- Stringnet

He has more than 17 years of experience in Peru developing immersive experiences for brands. They have a platform in the metaverse for corporate events. They recently entered the U.S. market.

3.- Rumfoords

They combine their expertise of brand storytelling to help brands dive in this new world. They are known for having launched Addidas Originals NFT.

4.- Takeaway Reality

It is a virtual and augmented reality marketing agency that helps brands to identify which are the best virtual opportunities to take advantage of.

5.- Subnation Media

Specialized in immersive events regarding gaming, shopping, and entertainment, they claim to turn brand moments into social movements that allow brands to own entertainment assets.

6.- Bemersive

L’Oreal, Twitter, Publicis Media, and other brands have used their services for creating immersive brand activations in the metaverse. They use video games, AR, VR, NFTS and AI for their numerous clients.

7.- CryptoPR

With only two years in the market, it has paved its way as the best agency of the metaverse since it focuses exclusively on blockchain-related projects, like Crypto.com and Etoro.

8.- Omni

Provides multi-form digital marketing across different platforms and media. It is focused on social media marketing above all. Companies can book a free audit with its marketing team.

9.- NinjaPromo

Established in 2017, its services include everything from email marketing to full-stack blockchain development. It’s well known for helping business build their own blockchain products from the ground up.

10.- Digital Pulse

It helps fintech projects to obtain more visibility online by conducting thorough market and competitor research before setting growth points.

Looking for the best Metaverse Marketing Agency?

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Here at Stringnet we guide you throughout this new and so far unknown road of the metaverse.

We can help you develop interactive experiences in the metaverse for your brand. Count on us for product launches, events, selling more, and whatever you want, the metaverse is the new hot spot!

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