What does the best VR and AR agency have to have? In this article, we will share with you a selection of the most outstanding teams currently on the market. If you are thinking of including this type of technology in your marketing strategy, this information will be very useful. Let’s take a look!

Top 11: The best VR and AR agency in 2022

Working with the best is always a guarantee of peace of mind. In this case, we have made this selection of VR and AR agencies by taking a look into several categories, including reputation, years of experience in the market, their successful campaigns, and the renown of the brands with which they are associated.

What are some of the top VR agencies I can work with?

Film maker editing movie montage with virtual reality glasses in a VR AR Agency

We’ve put up a list of some of the top VR and AR agencys you can partner with to grow your company:

1) SunnyBoy Entertainment

This American agency is focused on storytelling, and it has worked with Disney, Universal, Netflix, and Dreamworks, among many other big brands by helping them with projects from games, and design production, to VR/360 post-production and development.

This VR AR agency offers many services such as spatial audio mixing, executing visual effects, producing content, and designing interactive experiences.

2) CXR

This award-winning XR agency has worked with brands such as HBO Max, Piaget, and Harvard Medtech. Their services include end-to-end mixed reality, which means they can design and execute mixed reality experiences for 3D modeling, XR marketing, and even immersive training.

This agency’s capabilities consist of developing interactive VR, and engaging VR content, which includes services such as retail store virtualization, VR popups, live-action 360°, and CGI models.

3) Friends with holograms

The brand develops VR and AR experiences that, among other things, support patient and staff safety, child welfare, and better communication. The organization has worked with Unity, Coca-Cola, and Eunoe to develop and implement VR programs or experiences that assist make new technology more approachable, instruct staff members about the best ways to use AR/VR, and provide a VR app for mental health and wellness.

In addition, the company offers opportunity assessment, workshops, and education, the firm also provides interactive design and visualization, machine learning, and consulting and production services.

4) Sector 5 Digital

Through the creation of digital material for marketing, communications, training, and simulations, it specializes in brand transformation.

The business has more than 25 years of expertise, and its clients have included DuPont, American Airlines, and the Aerospace Industries Association. The Galderma Interactive Anatomy App, the Halliburton Virtual Product Launch, the Bell CES 2020, and the Titus Magic Portal AR are a few projects on which S5D has worked.

It has competence in interactive game technologies, apps, AR and VR, integrated marketing campaigns, and film and video creation.

5) Groove Jones

Award-winning XR studio Groove Jones uses cutting-edge methods and technologies to provide its customers with dynamic digital solutions that are both interesting and educational. The studio focuses in WebGL, AI, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, and WebGL.

Some of its services are as follows: development, consultancy, and strategic planning; Enterprise application development; AR for mobile platforms; AR camera lenses and filters for various social media platforms; application development (multi-touch surfaces and gesture-based reactive interfaces) and Animation and CGI.

The agency has worked with brands such as IBM, Midea, NBC and Verizon, and developed for them AR and WebGL for IBM’s Power10 Marketing, Product Demos, AR retail Experiences, among many other services.

6) Noble Digital

In order to help firms, scale more quickly, Noble Digital, a creative growth agency, focuses on fusing data and storytelling. Its objective is to level the playing field so that companies of all sizes may utilize data and analytics for competitive advantage through innovative solutions.

The following are some of Noble Digital’s services: branding strategy and planning; digital marketing and audience development; video creation and storytelling; websites and e-commerce.

7) Chocolate Milk & Donuts

Chocolate Milk & Donuts, a full-service VR production firm, has collaborated with well-known companies like Pepsi, Hasbro, and Volkswagen. By combining storytelling and virtual reality technologies, together with the studio’s broad development services, immersive content is produced.

360-degree video production, VR and AR development, WebVR, and WebAR are just a few of the services it offers. The studio focuses on immersive development through services like VR and AR development, engagement through immersive brand activations, back-end support, and database development. It also focuses on interactive storytelling through creative direction, experience design, and immersive brand strategy.

8) iTechArt

iTechArt has more than 15 years of experience developing scalable, customized products for a variety of customers from sectors like FinTech, game development, and e-commerce.

Creating interactive AR and VR experiences for various mobile platforms, creating AR/VR graphs or maps, and providing picture recognition and 3D rendering are some of its primary offerings. The developers at iTechArt may use the most recent in-app AR and VR for mobile apps as part of their mobile development services.

9) Trigger

This full-service mixed reality agency develops cutting-edge XR solutions for companies like Disney, Coors, and Sony Pictures using cutting-edge AR and VR technologies.

The wide range of services offered by Trigger includes innovation, strategy, deployment, and measurement. From XR education and content planning to specialist UI/UX design, prototyping, and user testing, it is capable of a wide range of tasks.

10) The Virtual Wild

Texas-based XR and experiential design agency. Top brands like Walmart, Siemens, HP, and Cisco have engaged the agency’s services.

To create unique digital solutions, it makes use of cutting-edge technologies, imaginative design, and digital strategy.

The services provided by The Virtual Wild include gamification, interactive media installations, learning, and digital realities (VR/AR/MR). It can also be used for projects based in the metaverse.

11) Stringnet

Originally from Peru, this BTL and experiential marketing company has more than 17 years in the market working with major brands in Latin America. They have recently entered the North American market with state-of-the-art technology. The brand has its own platform for interactive experiences in the metaverse, where companies and brands can hold virtual events.

Besides being a VR and AR agency, they also work with gamification, NFT, holograms, and all kinds of virtual experiences.

What is a VR Company?

Simulated 3D environment called virtual reality allows users to explore and interact with a virtual environment in a fashion that simulates reality as it is experienced by the users’ senses. Although the environment is built using computer hardware and software, users may also need to put on accessories like helmets or goggles in order to interact with it.

So, a VR company offers to develop these types of VR services for other companies to aim diverse goals such as VR and/or AR marketing campaigns, creating retail showrooms, 360-degree video production, among many other services according to the needs of the customer.

Are you looking for the best VR and AR agency?

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